I think I’d fancy having a go at writing about Rock n Roll. Consider this me hat thrown into the ring on the quest for an honest day’s                                          The Main Grains –  “The Rain Is Over Now” is their new 3 track single….. does it Christmas Day Jingle?                                            It’s Christmas morning and the sun is coming up behind Sandia Mountain in a land low on enchantment since Breaking Bad hit its curtain call.  Its been a long winter running putt putter on the fumes of bloodstone swindles threadbare goodwill lepers and a general consensus among the homeless that it’s better to be laughed at while naked than let a shortbus cyclops cue his friends in on your ill fitted tired attire being lamer than a T-Rex trying to pull his dick out of a fire.                     Tall order…….           Insurmountable?                                Just as that same old sun rises above the horizon the 3 chord Rock n Roll symphony that is all a-go-go from the moment solo.                    That first ray of sun.                    That first electric fucking geetar gives up the get down booting darkness from the edge of town for what cant be the first time.  These boys throw down such fuck yes that “Bulimic Kangaroo” is clearly the only sensible title when some kid writes his ’29 × The Pain’ about them.                There ain’t a trouble in the  world as all the boys and girls got their teenage dreams secured right here in a majestic 3 song get it on.              Oh daddy-o dontcha know this shit here will save your soul?                              “What are we gonna do now?” the Main Grains ask?                    Fuck me.      Haven’t finished walking my sweet doggos yet but sho nuff I stand in the church, I hear the gospel, keep your holy rollers, I’ll follow the popped black collars of these 4 men o’ Main Grain for i am apostle.      Nothing to do but live and love as the sun takes place like the smile on your face.                      Merry Christmas from the top of the world.    #TheMainGrains #Amen          #Punk-n-Roll  #RockSaves #TheWildhearts #GingerWildheart #$uper$hit666 #TheRamones #Tits #BeerOnTap #YouWontRegretIt 


She was the food dog.

And mow it is in my head love like a soul should gonna get the sound of Scott Lee Andrews “The World Looks Better From Behind “to be a bip bam boom got no what room got no choice in no to soon ….. I feel entirely comfortable on saying themes lime worship are to be sensibly obviously bellowed when mellowed.

The. Preceding was a work in interpretive dance.

The exceeding is my heart in my fucking hands.