United Corporations of America

 Do not waste another moment considering or bickering about candidates. Taking part in this circus to elect a fake figurehead who will only work to serve shadowy interests, greed feeding profiteering war mongers who will only reinforce and establish New Us and Them paradigms meant to divide and enslave we ‘peasants’ while furthering financial gains and ultimate control of public thought, freedom, ‘rights’ and so on.

Consider fractals and apply that concept to your understanding of the power structure so corrupt and inhumane so clearly on display at this very moment in Standing Rock, North Dakota.
Access to life sustaining drinking water is being stripped away and denied to peaceful human beings, by government commanded ‘National Guard’ (and fully militarized police.Who are they serving and protecting?)
The only thing the National Guard guarded is financial acquisitions of powerful elites with no regard for humanity.
Profits Vs./ Prophets
Peaceful unarmed peoples met with violence, detainment, abuse at the hands and commands of militarized forces funded, bolstered, created by our government.

Which brings me back to the election.
No major candidates have spoken against these atrocities against supposedly ‘free’ people.

Can you see the pattern of money, big business, financial gains through Earth raping plundering of life in the name and under the flag of chosen reliance on archaic, ecologically destructive fossil fuels which we already possess the means and technology to move beyond? Can you see the ecological ramifications?

Armed soldiers serving corporate interests have, see it or not, declared war on the peoples of this crumbling empire.
This combination of greed and desperation are the masters being served by this madness.
These are very dangerous masters.

So, wasting a single nanosecond following the election is time stolen from you purposely to distract everyone from seeing the bigger picture.

Literally potential voters are wilingly seating themselves at the dinner table being told that the only options on the menu for them are to slurp a diarrhea soup, or chew on a solid log of turd without realizing how they are being programmed to accept our only choice is to eat shit.

This is what they think of us.

There is a solution though.
Freely decide to get up and simply walk away from the table.

Every single vote says one thing and one thing only. That is, “I can not function without your leadership. I need you to give me laws, rules, and guidelines to live by.”

Would you freely invite such heinous, lying, manipulative shitbags of a system that has only brought war, destruction, told you who your enemy is and reinforced that to public perception by means of a so clearly owned media that reports not news but what they need to brainwash you with to further their agendas into your home to tell your children how to live, to blindly accept what you are told without questioning, regardless of what you, the parents of these children believe, wish for, know as wrong and right, wish to instil in your precious children?

Is that the world you want?
To submit control and thought programming of your children’s lives, minds, futures, and ability for critical thinking to?

Then why vote?
‘Vote’ for the people by walking away from that table where we peasants are force fed shit diguised as Democracy and liberty.
Fractals again.
Consider GMO labeling, Monsanto, government backed and enforced refusal to let us know what has been put into the life sustaining food we require.

Many countries have outlawed such forced programming of our health. Labels are mandatory. But not here.
Are we really the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Only if you recognize the freedom in complete rejection of this election. With each less vote is another soul declaring sovereignty against where laws are created and enforced to strip, rip and chip away at any liberty left.

Each less vote, see it or not, says, “I will not participate in a soul corruption mass enslavement through brainwashing brought on by believing I need your leadership.”

It states we know we can do and deserve better. And our obvious conclusion is that this rising “WE” does not need or want you dictating our lives to us anymore.
Goodness must lead where darkness succeeds.

The leaders we need already exist in the goodness of our heart’s natural essence.
Something they’ve strived to keep you from realizing for far too long.
A people kept in the dark are preferable, in darkness you can’t see what’s going on.

That light is in your heart.
As newborn babies, giving and receiving Love and Compassion come natural. No effort required.
As Human Beings we need to return to that naturally flowing Humanity within each one of US!

So, yes. Step away from everything to do with this election. Use that time and free space within you to focus on betterment of humanity.
Consider the legitimacy and reasoning for every bomb dropped, bullet fired, and chemical weapon unleashed on living, feeling, Human Beings who, just like you were born freely capable of giving and receiving Love and Compassion.
Consider the legitimacy of taxes enforced, earned money stolen from you while Billion dollar corporations are consistently given multi million dollar tax breaks.
Sensing that Us and Them again?

Look locally. Share ideas on progress, peace, understanding, and a flourishing society with your neighbors and friends.
Buy locally. Don’t let yourself be of aid to very well to do corporations selling poison food.

Use the internet to communicate with people of different countries of this shared home we call Earth.
With translation tools in the form of clicking a single button you can communicate with people who speak different languages, but you’ll probably find a lot of them share beliefs of goodness, justice, Human Rights, complete discontent with ever increasing wars, conflicts, and destruction of the planet we ALL belong to.

I say this all with tremendous love and belief in Humankind. That’s US.

Walk away from the table, or open up wide because to stay wilfully seated at that table you and your family are about to be force fed shit.

And if you choose to eat shit, expect no sympathy when you’re efforts to tell anyone how bad it tastes fall on deaf ears attached to a mind that thinks as you speak of this horrible burdensome taste, “You fucking moron! You chose to eat it, did you actually think one of the miracles of life is flavorful, pleasing, nourishing, unbeatable shit?”

By nature of our bodies expelling it it is clearly waste. Accept that some amount of shit has been crammed into your mind and heart, accept it, use it to fertilize the seeds of the ideas presented here and elsewhere.
Become the garden, refuse to be a sewage pipe to the cesspool our leaders view and use us as.

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