Hello friends.

A few nights ago I was absolutely enchanted under the stars with my dogs for a few hours, in awe of the world I once so coldly judged as empty, meaningless, and rotten in the past. Miraculously recently it bloomed to constant love and compassion, every soul matters. And every day since has unfurled new wonder, gratitude, and belief in the goodness of humankind. Belief in the unity of mankind.

As dawn approached we headed in to slumber, with my last intended gimpse at the stars my mind wandered to the current world stage of conflicts, threats of war, destruction of the environment, greed destroying light and love. The Us and Them mentality engrained since childhood to keep us divided, because a United Human Race needs no leaders but the goodness of our heart’s natural flow to speak the universal language of love and compassion.

I felt my heart rip at the realization of so many possibly possible possibilities impossibly comprehensible or quantifiable yet achievable, believable, undeniably infinite, & as natural as nature can be, and the complete threat to every power structure, govt, religion, economic classes, national borders, the idea that Earth belongs to us. All of these beliefs are threatened and realized the product of mental enslavement to benefit those who thrive in denying unity, human progress, understanding, cooperation, acknowledging we belong to the Earth. Every example of established Us and Them mentality requires a leader, enemy, ideology, or definition comprised of pointing out the differences. Reinforcing the idea of a threat to set in stone beliefs, ways, traditions, perspectives. We as a civilization, more often than not are not instilled with the thought that considering someone else’s perspective or belief could enrich, enlighten, broaden, unite, and tear down imaginary differences to the reality that we all feel the same emotions, our core essence, our hearts, naturally give and receive love and compassion.

I believe this is the great lesson they have kept secret, distracted us from by focusing on differences of thought, appearances, traditions, beliefs.

A United Human Race of shared value for all life, working together for advancement of the good. Belief in the good. No longer letting self serving greed feeding opportunists tell us who our enemy is while they plunder, destroy, plot, and place value on material, financial, strategic gains. No man is a leader if humankind’s betterment is not his goal. Peace comes not from bombs but bridges, open arms, investing in the undeniable fact that we live in a world where so many are left to suffer in need, yet fortunes are used to bring more suffering, more pain, more death and hunger. Feed the hungry mouth, the aching heart. Not the wallets, egos, ignorance, and criminal teachings to destroy instead of attempting to undrstand.

Realizing all this light can be extinguished for all children of Mother Earth devastated me to a sobbing, vomiting mess, begging intervention and mercy from the great, wise, powerful loving beings of the cosmos. The civilizations far advanced from greed and long past thriving through divisionary tactics. Those who could advance when greed was replaced by valuing what is of value. Love, life, knowledge, wisdom, tolerance, acceptance, compassion, understanding what you have yet to understand knowing the riches of enlightenment, accepting one’s self an eternal student of the universe. A part of the great whole. No longer a hole in the great part.

I woke the next day and cried at realization that this nation’s leaders let people die because they don’t posses the financial wealth for medical treatment. That leader’s would rather spend billions destroying, killing, squandering, than investing in food, water, health, shelter, education, taking care of the planet. Realizing my revulsion and unwillingness to accept this anymore was reason for questioning my mental health to someone made clear how poisoned this civilization has been. If perceived inequality defined by social status and financial wealth are to assign value to a soul and their right to available means for healthcare, shelter, or even a meal, and that we should just accept it, and outrage at such status quo is no reason to cry then I reject the version of humanity sold to us. We can do better. We have been taught to sell ourselves short in the potential and capacity natural to our hearts. We have been taught to deny and supress something as much a part and requiring as much effort as it takes to make your blood circulate. It’s no effort. It’s a natural rhythm occurring alongside the beating of our hearts.

If your neighbor ran around his house blowing up rooms, aimlessly shooting bullets, and just destroying it because he could he would be seen as insane and probably locked away. Yet a man of power does it to the planet and it’s just a part of life to be accepted, not questioned, and sold to us that the house had to be dealt with that way because…..insert whatever reasoning.

All this just drained me.

I felt need to retreat into music and days of puppy snuggles. Puppy snuggles are wonderful.

We share this world and I need to, whenever I can, add to the light. I’m trying to regain focus on the good, not the darkness.

Any being who comes to understand that love and compassion are a universal language with which we can strive for a United Human Race, as children of Mother Earth is obligated to teach this simple lesson that there is so much inside of us as humans that unites and far outweighs differences only visible on the surface.

The old way has failed. Still conflict brews in this world. We are the new age. We are the love age. We are now aware of the greatest lesson of light that was kept hidded from us and it is our weapon. It is ours to share. Love and compassion, however you speak or express it are your gift to share with the world. Let no man tell another that his/her message is wrong if it is to unite, spread love, foster exchange of light instead of archaic darkness of intolerance and judgement.

Sharing thoughts along these lines has been met by a few people with great insults, belittling, mockery and rejection. But more than that, a few times they have been responded to with “your resolve to love and compassion really make sense. It is an answer”, and I know one mind has been changed. And that’s how we do it. One person at a time.

So, fear not that this truth makes you an enemy of the enforcers of the Us and Them prison planet destroyers of light. You can kill a human being but the echo of their idea, message, and love forever ring, imprint, and become lessons to be taught through witnessed action, spoken word, or an emotional ping randomly recieved and understood by an unsuspecting soul. That’s what happened to me. This great cosmic revelation just happened into my mind on what seemed to be an ordinary, uneventful day. Someone put this energy and message out there and it entered me.

If you can swing on this please share it. These ideas belong to all, these words are just my best attempt to communicate essential truths.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

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